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CrossLife Concierge is here to provide all of our clients an unsurpassed range of concierge and luxury lifestyle management solutions. This specific service is designed to enhance your life, while managing your time and resources effectively. Curious to find out how you can book this service or any of our other outstanding services? Get in touch with us today.

Doc On The Move

Doctor Anywhere is a healthtech company founded to improve healthcare delivery through innovation and technology. Our digital platform gives you quick access to health and wellness solutions, wherever you are.

With technology, better health outcomes are more achievable than ever before. We are dedicated to making healthcare convenient, accessible and seamless, and are constantly tailoring our healthcare services to suit your lifestyle needs.



Singapore and Korea-based Eunogo is a premium wellness and beauty concierge service. Founded in 2015 by industry experts in Korea, Eunogo curates a verified list of clinics/hospitals in plastic surgery, dermatology, dental and wellness in Korea to deliver unparalleled value and service.

Eunogo's value propositions includes:
1) Assurance and verification of top-tier doctors and medical facilities in Korea
2) 1:1 concierge and medical translation services 
3) Transparent price and exclusive members' benefits including VIP access, 1 year warranty, aftercare, recovery therapy, private transfers etc.

Real Estate

PTO Property Services Pte Ltd (PTOPS) is a privately owned, licensed real estate agency. It operates as a franchisee of
Century 21 (Singapore). The real estate agency focuses on brokerage of residential, commercial and industrial properties in Singapore. We provide professional and value added services in the sale, purchase or rental of properties to our clients.

pto property.png

Redemption Centre

ShowNearby Redemption Center works with companies/ corporate to reward its staff with loyalty points where they benefit by using these points to redeem a wide array of gifts from our center. The advantages to your company includes
1. Efficient point redemption system managed by Shownearby
2. Employee benefits promoting loyalty to company
3. Promotes productivity through incentives

Training Courses

PTO Institute of Excellence (PTOIE) helps organizations all over Singapore with their training needs. PTOIE has engaged renowned businessman and entrepreneur Mr Peter Tan Shou Yi to be the master trainer of these courses.


Innovative Portable Charger

In line with a Go Green Movement, WeCharge is Singapore’s first power bank sharing platform. With the combination of Smart Machines and mobile app, WeCharge aims to provide the public an affordable, reliable and convenient way to charge smartphones.

Freshly Brewed Premium Coffee

ChargeUp! is Singapore’s homegrown company that utilizes smart vending machines to provide affordable freshly brewed coffee to the public. With a seamless payment process via Pay Wave, Apple Pay and WeChat Pay, customers can enjoy this convenient value added service anytime, anywhere.


Vehicle Service

Lumens is one of the largest Private Hire Vehicle (“PHV”) Fleet Operator in Singapore. We are also a Grab Exclusive Partner and top merchant acquirer for GrabPay. We aim to provide excellent service for all vehicle-related issues including sales, rental, repair, fuel, etc. With our extensive network of industry contacts for end-to-end services, we brand ourselves as a one-stop vehicle concierge to cover all your vehicle maintenance needs.


Asia One Chiropractic seeks to promote wellness and maintain optimal health to target the unique needs of patients in Singapore, China and across Asia.